Welcome to Fathoms Reach - Gateway to the Storm Zone!

This site serves as a resource for Firestorm Armada players wanting a little something different and interesting in their games.

10 June 2016

Added vector graphic files for Alliance of Kurak, Zenian League, and Xelocian Imperium to the Hobby page. (I've been unable to verify that the Xelocian symbol is canon, so if you have any information concerning that, please email me

08 June 2016

Added the Event Horizon scenario to the Game page.

07 June 2016

I've only recently discovered FSA, but was immediately taken by the beautiful miniatures and well-balanced rules. I knew that I'd found something I'd like to support.
Thus, I created Fathoms Reach. Though there's not much here at the moment, I expect the pages to slowly fill with all manner of goodies: new scenarios and campaigns, miniature customization projects, vector graphics files of the faction logos, and more.
NOTE: This page is currently optimized for high-resolution monitors.