Scenario: Event Horizon

Two opposing fleets attempt two recover valuable research data from scientific stations at the event horizon of a gravity well.

Event Horizon Map

There is a 6 inch diameter Planetoid that acts as a Gravity Well at the center of the table.
Place two Ghost Stations, each 12" from the center of the table towards each side edge. The stations are in 6" Orbital Movement clockwise around the Gravity Well.
No other terrain may be placed within 18" of the Gravity Field.
Remaining terrain is then set up using one of the methods in page 35.

This Scenario follows the normal rules for choosing your Deployment Zone and placing your Forces.

The Ghost Stations have no Primary Weapons.

The first player to successfully reduce each Ghost Station's AP to 0 retrieves its data. The data is considered to be on the vessel that launched the last Boarding Assault on the station. Capturing a vessel with data on board transfers the data to the vessel that launched the successful Boarding Assault that captured it.
If a commander possesses both sets of data during the End Phase of a turn, the game ends.
Compare Battle Logs at the end of the game to determine the Margin of Victory (see Page 82).

During the End Phase of Turn 6, the Commander first in the order of Initiative should roll a D6. On a result of 1, 2 or 3 the game ends. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6 another Turn is played.
Roll again during the End Phase of Turn 7, but subtract 1 from the result. If an 8th Turn is played, roll again but subtract 2 from the result. The game automatically ends during the End Phase of Turn 9.